Thursday, March 1, 2012

Healing From ME: "Transcending" the ME Diagnosis

This article follows another article I wrote recently that looked at the process of receiving an ME diagnosis, and coming to terms with it. Now I am writing about what I call "transcending" the ME diagnosis.
Coming to a peaceful place of acceptance, where we accept our situation and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions around our illness is often the beginning of healing at a deeper level and beginning to develop more strength, health and vitality.
As part of my own recovery, I did the Lightning process - a process that focuses on "unidentifying" with the label ME. Whilst this process did not lead to a complete recovery for me, as it does for some people, it was a massive turning point for me - and I see this as the beginning of regaining my strength and emotional and physical resilience.
By constantly talking about "chronic fatigue" "ME" "tiredness", we are giving messages to the body and mind - which hears those messages and recreates those symptoms. I was given tools (including the Emotional Freedom Technique) for identifying patterns in my own mind, and interrupting them - and giving more empowering messages to the mind/body complex.
For me, at the time, I wasn't able to totally transform my beliefs around health, wellness and illness and stayed stuck in a certain (more limited) amount of fatigue. At the time, this was fantastic for me - but actually I was still very limited in what I could manage in my life.
Knowing what I now know about the body, the energy field and healing, this actually makes sense to me. Our energetic patterns can be very deeply entrenched in the energy field - particularly with a chronic condition like ME where we are often unable to move much, meaning that our habits, thoughts and behaviours become very stuck. So, working on changing beliefs will be "uphill" work, as we are working in an energy field which is not very fluid or open to change.
A general effect of receiving energy healing and working with the Emotional Freedom Technique is that the stuck energetic patternings in our body begin to release and to become more fluid. As this happens, it makes it much more likely that work on beliefs will be successful, and that we will be able to "transcend" our ME diagnosis.
Often the stuck energetic patternings come from traumatic events held deep in our cells that have not been released. Energy healing and EFT are able to go back to the time when these events happen and release the energy behind them. I have written extensively about this in my energy healing blog on my website. Releasing the trauma and the energy behind the trauma leads to more freely flowing energy in the body, which automatically leads to more vitality and energy - steps on the path to healing from ME.
Once a certain level of trauma has been released from the body, I believe it is then possible for the effects of changing beliefs to be able to not only "stick" in the body but be a catalyst for further release of stuck emotional pain. For, if we truly believe that we can be healthy, energetic and well, then the energy field will also begin to resonate with that belief. And then we have truly transcended the ME diagnosis.

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