Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stay Healthy

If you want to live a healthy life you must do the following:

    * Do not start your day without your breakfast.

Everyday i get prepared in a hurry to go to work and at the end i skip my breakfast even after getting to work, this is done day after day that my name becomes breakfast skipper and return home wanting to eat every meal i have missed. This is because I wasn't hungry in the morning but terribly hungry on my return at night. I looked at it saying may be it was just the way some of us were, that it was a natural cycle for some people. But in reality, these are bad habits that your body has become accustomed to doing and that needs to be broken. The meal you piled up at night isn't gonna make you look healthy rather worst than you can imagine. But, I was surprised to learn how easy it is to retrain yourself into breaking those bad eating habits and found that my eating cycles are now better regulated resulting in less food consumed each day and overall improved health.

    * Eat rich and complete meal

Several times i've spent money on my health by seeing a nutritionist on so many occasion to actually put in place wrongs i have made when it comes to food and dieting. Among the simplest, yet most valuable information I picked up (which I'm sure you can learn from other sources) is this: never eat a non rich and incomplete meal. What does this mean? This means that each meal we take should always contain all three basic food groups: carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein, because your body needs all three food elements to absorb properly and most efficiently in your body.

    * Never let your body request for food

It's strange but I also learned that if you can be proactive and anticipate when you'll be hungry, and actually eat something before you do (because you needn't wait for your body to make the request) you'll eat less, and better. If you eat right after you find yourself starving, you'll end up devouring more than you need to. By the same token, if you eat slowly and chew your food well, you'll be able to control your food consumption accurately.

    * Don't stress out

Health professionals keep saying that toxins are all over our environment invading our systems, but some of these things are just not within our control. I'll guarantee you'll be breathing second hand smoke, car fumes and smog every time you go out of the house and enter a city. What about chemical agents in our hair spray, pesticide in our food or toxic materials hiding in old buildings where you work? This things can't be avoided. Well, one thing you can control is how stressed you are. Stress impacts your body in the same way terrible toxins do, so do your best to avoid it.

    * Frequently wash your hands

Avoid getting sick by frequently washing your hands. Unless you don't mind catching or embrassing cold or flu once in a while, or being a little dirty, which is actually good for you. I've seen where i work we deal with books, office mails etc that is we deal with dust and through this we advocates germs and infections as the way to better health in the long run. That's because our body builds up its defenses and immune system by falling ill. As a parent we must ensure we wash our hands often watch over our children to ensure they wash there hand, take both morning and night because i tell i don't like catching annoying colds, plus getting sick often doesn't seem to have improved my health.

    * Visit your doctor for annual tests.

Those annual tests are covered by your health insurance or can be performed through free or low cost programs run around your area. Routine tests can catch problems early on before they develop into real trouble later. Don't let it grow into a big issue that costs a lot to deal with.


Always take a walk around your neighborhood or bike rides. Though they may not be in your home, they still give you the benefits of exercise in your own comfort zone.

So just remember a word is a enough for the wise don't be money wise pounds foolish!

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