Monday, July 16, 2012

The Unforgettable Photo Album

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wait! Consider These Things Before Getting Life Insurance

       Knowing that life insurance online can secure your life and your family life does not mean that you get the insurance with considerations. If you are in a hurry to get insurance, you may regret as you have picked the wrong type of insurance. We are living in this world surrounded by many kinds of conditions or situations. We will always cope with death, natural disasters, accidents, and disabilities. Therefore, we should consider several things before getting life insurance.

      You should consider about the insurance policy. There is a need to read carefully all terms and conditions of a type of life insurance you have chosen. Make sure that the policy will help you right away when you are in a difficult condition or time. Before the agreement is signed, you should be sure that you have no doubt or questions. An insurance company will offer you some services. Do not carelessly accept the offer since you have to be aware of the disadvantages you may get. Afterwards, you should be considerate with the premium amount. You should know the regular intervals when you have to pay to the insurance company. Furthermore, you will have no worries if the insurance company has had a good reputation since years ago.

Why Online Payday Loans?

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Imagine this situation: in one late afternoon, you are just opening the door of your own house while all the sudden one of your children rushes to you and yell about the letter from his or her school. Expecting nothing worse, you open the letter and read that you have been late in paying the tuition or any other school fees. You could, of course, pay such fees easily; but not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Your payment day is still weeks in advance!

It is to settle such situation that you need online payday loan service. Their being in the net means you can access the service 24/7 to apply for your loan. The service’s easiness in requirements and high approval rate certainly guarantee you get the loan; and its quickness in money delivery certainly makes you capable of paying the fees in the next day or the day after tomorrow. And thus, your problem is all solved!

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes Online

       Online carinsurance is an insurance that the car owners should have. However, there are many car owners that do not have the car insurance. They do not want to have the car insurance since they think that they will waste their money to pay the monthly payment in car insurance. In fact, you will not waste your money in car insurance if you choose the right car insurance policy which is appropriate with your need and your budget. Before you choose the right car insurance policy, you need to compare the car insurance quotes from some car insurance providers.

          Comparing car insurance quotes will need much time and much money. It is because you need to visit the car insurance providers in order to get the information about the car insurance rates, car insurance policies, and others. Now, you are able to compare the car insurance quotes online. You are able to compare the car insurance quotes from some reputable car insurance providers through Car Insurance Rates. At Car Insurance Rates, you are able to get free car insurance quotes from some reputable car insurance providers. Besides, you only need to do some simple steps if you want to choose the right car insurance policy through this site. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Star With A Small Business

Most people are too afraid to be an entrepreneur as they do not want to receive the risks of bankruptcy. The solution of that matter is by building a small business. We can get cash loan to help us starting our new business. We can spend some minutes to browse to the internet looking for some business ideas. If you have guts, you just need to plunge yourself into it. No need to make other excuses or reasons. Therefore, there are simple ways to start a new small business. 
            The first one is finding a business idea that you like most. If you like reading, you can start building a business of online bookstore. At first, you can conduct a simple research of what kinds of online bookshops visited by many online users in the internet. You can see how each book displayed on the website. Then, you need to learn about online marketing because you have to sell your products to more customers after you can introduce your product properly through the internet. The second one is just trying. There is nothing you can wait. You only need to be brave starting the business. More so, you can get pay day loan to help you starting your business right away.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Self Care Is Not an Option

Now before I get you all mad at me, let me finish my thought: Self-care is not an option, it is a necessity. Yes, it is a necessity and no, it is not selfish!
Why is self-care not selfish? That's easy! When you take care of yourself you are better able to take care of others and when you can give yourself what you need, you are better able to give to others.
Why is self-care a necessity? Another easy one! You need to regularly practice self-care in order to keep your body (physical, mental and emotional) functioning at an optimal level.
I am constantly baffled by our readiness to take care of our cars and our unwillingness to take the time to take care of our bodies. Yes, a car is a necessity to get us from point A to point B, to go to work, to school, to see friends and family, and to just do all the things that need to get done every day. But guess what? A strong, healthy body is a necessity to get us through life. All of life! What use are cars if a person is not well enough to get in them and drive off when he/she feels like it. There is also one really huge difference between these two vehicles and it's this: You cannot trade in your body for a newer model (not yet anyway)! So shouldn't we be more invested in taking care of the body we do have? And shouldn't we make more of a commitment to a self-care routine that will give us the best chance for a healthy and happy life?
A self-care routine doesn't have to be exhausting (that would defeat the whole purpose), nor does it have to be time-consuming (our time is "consumed" enough as it is!).
Here, let's go back to the car for a minute (or two). Do you take your car in for regular maintenance? Do you have the oil changed regularly, the tires checked, the brakes tested, the freon replenished, the wheels changed and aligned, the steering wheel oiled, the windshield wipers replaced? Do you "feed" the right kind of fuel it needs to operate at its best? And after you do all of these things, how do you feel when you drive your car? Do you have peace of mind knowing that it will get you safely to your destination?
But what happens when you ignore your car and you ignore its needs for regular tune-ups? The answer is pretty simple. The car breaks down and what would have cost you hundreds will now cost you thousands and what would have taken two or three hours to take care of now takes days.
Why would you expect your body to be any different? When you ignore your body's needs, it too breaks down. It goes into a state of dis-ease and when the body is not at ease, illness takes over. All ailments from more frequent or longer-lasting colds, to digestive issues and ulcers, to heart trouble to depression to cancer become fair game. True, it doesn't happen overnight but it happens much faster than you might think because everyone is dealing with so many different things these days and in all areas of their lives, from financial stress and worries about the future, to bad lifestyle habits, to too many responsibilities, to negativity in general. All these factors start to manifest themselves first on the emotional and mental levels in a person's body then on the energetic level which leads to blockages in the body's energy flow and finally they reach the physical level and show up as various diseases.
Creating and committing to a self-care routine is one crucial way to fortify your body against the assault of all these external factors. I mentioned above that self-care doesn't have to be time-consuming. All it takes is the equivalent of 20 to 30 minutes a day which you can spend doing something for you, that you truly enjoy, that gives you pleasure and that recharges your battery. It could be a massage or a get-together with close friends. It could be a new outfit or watching your favorite comedy. It could be a walk in nature or a nap. Whatever it is for you, do it. Honor yourself and those you love and do it. Commit to a routine and stick to it and before you know it, you will feel better about yourself and you will feel better about life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Healing From ME: "Transcending" the ME Diagnosis

This article follows another article I wrote recently that looked at the process of receiving an ME diagnosis, and coming to terms with it. Now I am writing about what I call "transcending" the ME diagnosis.
Coming to a peaceful place of acceptance, where we accept our situation and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions around our illness is often the beginning of healing at a deeper level and beginning to develop more strength, health and vitality.
As part of my own recovery, I did the Lightning process - a process that focuses on "unidentifying" with the label ME. Whilst this process did not lead to a complete recovery for me, as it does for some people, it was a massive turning point for me - and I see this as the beginning of regaining my strength and emotional and physical resilience.
By constantly talking about "chronic fatigue" "ME" "tiredness", we are giving messages to the body and mind - which hears those messages and recreates those symptoms. I was given tools (including the Emotional Freedom Technique) for identifying patterns in my own mind, and interrupting them - and giving more empowering messages to the mind/body complex.
For me, at the time, I wasn't able to totally transform my beliefs around health, wellness and illness and stayed stuck in a certain (more limited) amount of fatigue. At the time, this was fantastic for me - but actually I was still very limited in what I could manage in my life.
Knowing what I now know about the body, the energy field and healing, this actually makes sense to me. Our energetic patterns can be very deeply entrenched in the energy field - particularly with a chronic condition like ME where we are often unable to move much, meaning that our habits, thoughts and behaviours become very stuck. So, working on changing beliefs will be "uphill" work, as we are working in an energy field which is not very fluid or open to change.
A general effect of receiving energy healing and working with the Emotional Freedom Technique is that the stuck energetic patternings in our body begin to release and to become more fluid. As this happens, it makes it much more likely that work on beliefs will be successful, and that we will be able to "transcend" our ME diagnosis.
Often the stuck energetic patternings come from traumatic events held deep in our cells that have not been released. Energy healing and EFT are able to go back to the time when these events happen and release the energy behind them. I have written extensively about this in my energy healing blog on my website. Releasing the trauma and the energy behind the trauma leads to more freely flowing energy in the body, which automatically leads to more vitality and energy - steps on the path to healing from ME.
Once a certain level of trauma has been released from the body, I believe it is then possible for the effects of changing beliefs to be able to not only "stick" in the body but be a catalyst for further release of stuck emotional pain. For, if we truly believe that we can be healthy, energetic and well, then the energy field will also begin to resonate with that belief. And then we have truly transcended the ME diagnosis.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Is A Medical Alert System?

Are you concerned about the safety of yourself or an elderly loved one? If something awful happens to you, such as a fall, you may be unable to get the help you need, especially if you live alone. If only there was a way to live worry free, knowing that if something happened the appropriate people will know and can provide assistance. Well, now there is!
Medical alert systems can help! A medical alert system is a device that you can wear that you can activate when you fall. When activated, it can call for help to your phone, your cell phone, your pager, or 911. You simply press the emergency button on the wireless pendant that is provided. It is easy to install and very easy to use. All you need is a phone line and an electrical outlet! No longer live in fear about accidents in your own home. You will be able to contact the people you need to.
There are a variety of medical alert systems available, such as LifeLink. Medical emergency systems are highly recommended by doctors, eldercare, nurses, home care, and senior resource professionals to help with independent living. If you or a loved one falls, and assistance is not found immediately, there can be deadly consequences. That is why medical alert systems are so important. They can inform everyone who needs to know about the incident and provide immediate help for you or your loved one.
Medical alert systems may differ slightly from each other, but they all eliminate delays in the process of getting the medical help you need. Lifelink is one valuable option for you. Lifelink calls the people directly. Many monthly-fee monitoring centers have personnel answer your call and look into your records and talk to you before dispatching a call to 911 or anyone else. This delay could be detrimental to you if you are really in need of help. You need to get attention as soon as possible.
Also, medical alert systems are very affordable. You can choose a one-time purchase fee or pay over time. The fee is typical to one night's stay in a hotel in any big city in the United States. Surely you or your loved one's safety is worth that kind of sacrifice.
You do not have to live in fear about you or a loved one not being able to get help in the case of an emergency. With medical alert systems, you can rest assured that you will be safe. Then, you can go on with your day and live life to its fullest!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pearly Penile Papules Removal and Posshble Pain

When it comes to any changes in or on your body, it is important to immediately seek medical attention. You don't have to rush to the emergency room unless you are in persistent pain, experiencing strained breathing, prolonged bleeding, or impaired function in some way. Penile papules do not cause any of these symptoms; as a matter of fact, it is more unattractive than anything and causes no threat to any function or status of your overall health. So what you'll discover immediately is that your condition requires the assistance of a licensed and certified dermatologist with extensive experience in pearly penile papules removal.
You want to rid your body of these strange bumps, but you find yourself with a lot of questions which include but are not limited to: What will the pain of removal be like? Will the doctor numb the area so I won't feel the procedure? Do I have to go under general anesthesia? Will I be able to use the restroom or participate in intimate moments with my partner after the procedure? The comforting answers are twofold. First, your chosen doctor will be able to provide skilled removal that leaves your body with minimal scaring. Second, the pain, discomfort and disturbance to your normal life will only be impacted temporarily, especially in comparison to living the rest of your life with the presence or threat of penile papules.
Although you may have experienced some soreness during sexual contact or while wearing particularly tight clothing that has rubbed against your condition, the most painful aspects of your pearly penile papules removal process will be during your recovery stage. Once the local anesthesia wears off, you will be left with the ting of your method of removal. You can choose to use a laser, electric current, or a scraping method each providing, to be honest, some level of pain but lasting varying amounts of time. The more 'invasive' the procedure you choose, such as the scraping method, will take up to a month to heal and cause the most pain. Therefore, you should definitely spend a great amount of time consulting with your doctor about the degree of your condition. The choice of pearly penile papules removal method will be dependent upon that and of course the doctor's expertise. As long as you choose the doctor that you feel the most comfortable with during consultation your removal process will be in excellent hands.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Healthy Eating On The Cheap

In these tough financial times, it's important to learn how much it costs to eat clean healthy food. Healthy food should always be a priority, but if times are tough and you can't afford your local organic shop then it can be easy to slip into bad eating habits. The truth is, now is the best time to eat well, as you don't want to be catching a cold or getting sick and having to pay for doctor's appointments or medication.
Fruit & Vegetables
1. Shop at a market if you're not doing it already. For $10 you can buy a week's worth of vegetables. Cook your food in larger batches so you don't waste any food that gets old at the bottom of the fridge.
2. Buy food that is in season. Food that is not in season ALWAYS costs more. If you don't know when each fruit or veggie comes in season then shop at a market or your local green grocer as they will only stock the fresh stuff. For this reason you should avoid supermarkets as much as possible.
3. Frozen vegetables are a good option to keep in your freezer for when you run out of fresh food. They don't taste as good as fresh, but they are fine when used in cooking.
4. Vegetables that I have found to be the cheapest and go a long way are cabbage, onion and potato. These are so versatile, and if you vary your herbs and spices you will get a great range of tasty meals.
5. Fruit is often more expensive than vegetables and generally doesn't fill you up so much. If you are counting your pennies then I suggest forgoing fruit. Vegetables generally have a higher nutritional value so you won't be missing out on much.
1. My number one tip here is to shop at a farmers market. They are EVERYWHERE here in Melbourne - from Collingwood to Hurstbridge, you can find a farmers market near you. The markets tend to travel so some market locations are monthly, while others are bi monthly or weekly. Search online for a farmers market near you so you can plan in advance when to go.
2. Make friends with your local butcher. The meat is better quality than the supermarket and often cheaper too. Buy larger quantities to cook up a big batch of something, which can be portioned and frozen for future meals. You can also bulk up your meals with potatoes, onion, capsicum and other cheap vegetables.
3. If you have a fishing rod, consider catching a meal or two.
4. Meat is not a cheap source of protein so if times are tough then you should consider vegetarian sources of protein.
Other Protein
1. Dried beans and lentils are dirt cheap. For $2 you can buy a decent sized pack that will last a couple of weeks. Remember to soak overnight and rinse before cooking. Go to markets or Indian grocers to find different varieties.
2. Vegetarian protein can be mixed with meat sources to bulk up the meal while still providing good nutrition.
1. Oats are a decent breakfast choice if eggs are out for you. You should be able to buy a kilo for $1 at most supermarkets.
2. Tinned tomatoes can be very cheap. Stock up on them when you see them on special for under $1.
Cooking Ideas
Veggie stir fry
Combine onion, cabbage, capsicum, broccoli, mushrooms and any other veggies in a big pan. Stir fry with some oil, and spices of your choice. This is a good veggie base that can be added to potato, legumes, tuna or other meat. Refrigerates well.
Chili mish mash
Cook onion, minced meat, pre-soaked kidney beans, carrot, capsicum, tinned tomatoes, some water and any other veggies in a pot. Add salt, pepper, garlic, dried chili, ground cumin, coriander, paprika and any other spices you like. Freezes well.
Soak some lentils overnight. Be sure to drain and rinse well before cooking. Put in a pot with a tin of tomatoes, some water, vegetables of your choice (eg cauliflower, capsicum, onion, garlic) and add salt, pepper, coriander, cumin, turmeric and any other spices. Cook until soft. Freezes well.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Repair Injury

A rotator cuff tear is a common injury suffered by many and it causes pain and disability among adults. It will not only weaken your shoulder but will also hinder your day to day activities, such as wearing your clothes, brushing your teeth and combing your hair. The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that are joined together, surrounding the front, back and top of your shoulder joint connected to each other. When one or more muscles are torn, the tendons are detached from the humerus and they start to fray. As time passes, the tendon can entirely tear either on its own or during activities that exert huge load on the shoulders.
The most common symptom experienced by many is aching at the top and front of the shoulder. The pain is significantly higher when the arm is lifted overhead. Often, the patient is unable to have a good rest at night as the pain gets worse at night. Some patients may experience weakness in the injured arm and in a worst case scenario; the entire arm cannot be lifted at all.
When patients experience inability to lift their arm above their shoulder, it is normally due to their supraspinatus tendon rubbing against the under portion of their shoulder blade known as the Acromium. It can be acute and it can also be a gradual pain depending on the initial injury. Swelling and inflammation will be observed and the muscles in the rotator cuff will be weakened as a result.
Overuse of the shoulder causes bursitis or tendonitis which is also known as impingement. Impingement will cause the tissues below the acromioclavicular joint to be rubbing against the bone, causing irritation and pain. Normally the doctor will prescribe pain killers or cortisone injections. However if all fails, an arthroscopic acromioplasty or shoulder acromioplasty will be carried out.
As the surface of our acromion can be mis-shaped, bone spurs might develop. By jutting further down when the tendons are, it will cause much pain too the patient in the injured shoulder. The surgeon can reshape the acromion through arthroscopy, a minimal invasive surgery method or through open shoulder surgery.
Gentle exercises to obtain back full range of motion will start the day after the surgery and patients are advised to stop using the arm sling in the shortest possible time. The sutures will be removed a week after surgery and strengthening exercise will be taught to them. It will take approximately 3 months for the shoulder to recover fully.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Recovery Process After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Shoulder pain is a common problem experienced by many people, with a tear in the rotator cuff the most common reason for it. They are extremely painful and restrict your movement greatly. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons which comprises of four muscles and they hold your arm in a ball and socket joint, which allows your shoulder to rotate around and move with ease. The tendons can be torn through injuries. Rotator cuff surgery is the most commonly done procedures around the world, with over 250000 done in the United States of America annually.

After the surgery has completed, the patient will be taken to a recovery room for a couple of hours. The injured arm will be in a protective sling or even a shoulder immobilizer to prevent any movements. Depending on the type of surgery, arthroscopic surgery patients will be discharged on the same day while open surgery patients will need to be warded for a couple of days.

A physiotherapist will meet up with the patient before discharge and he will teach the patient a set of exercises that are designed to regain the flexibility, range of motion and strength in the injured shoulder. The exercises can be done at the comfort of your own home. Not only will physical therapy exercises be taught, the patient will also be educated on how to prevent re-injuring the shoulders.

Back at the comfort of their own home, it is crucial to perform the physical therapy exercises taught by the physiotherapist for 5 times a day. Patients should attempt to get back their full range of motion as soon as possible to prevent the formation of scar tissues. If scar tissues are formed, the scarring might possibly cause the whole shoulder to stiffen which will result in huge discomfort and even limit the activities the shoulder can conduct in future. Swelling might be observed as well. They will normally go away if the arms are held in an elevated position and is nothing serious.

The first 12 weeks after surgery are the most important period. Physical exercises must be conducted regularly to regain the full range of motion and prevent the formation of scar tissues. It is of utmost importance not to lift the injured arm away from the body and do not exert any strength on it. Whenever throughout the day, the arm must always be kept inside a protective sling and it is only allowed to be removed which exercising or showering. Do not attempt to drive during the first 6 weeks after surgery.

Full recovery takes roughly 6 months and the first 12 weeks are of most importance. Do the exercises as prescribed by the physiotherapist and this will kick start the healing process

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Statins and Memory Loss: Don't Forget to Take Your Statin

Medications in the "statin" (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) class are used by millions of patients and their benefits for reducing cholesterol and preventing heart attacks are well known. Statins are prescribed for individuals with high cholesterol as well as patients with mildly elevated cholesterol and have other risk factors for heart attacks such as diabetes, hypertension, previous stroke, or previous heart attack. Statins have been available in the U.S. for over 20 years. Therefore, the recent announcement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the package insert for these popular drugs will include information about post-marketing reports of reversible memory loss, forgetfulness, and confusion alarmed many patients and healthcare providers. This not the first time that the effect of statins on brain function has been evaluated. Earlier small statin studies suggested that statins may actually improve brain function but more robust scientific studies did not support this theory.
The FDA reviewed post-marketing adverse events reports, published case reports, observational studies, and clinical studies to decide whether statins cause memory loss. Post-marketing adverse events cases of memory loss included people over 50 years of age with memory loss or impairment with onset from one day to years after starting a statin, and duration of a few weeks (median 3 weeks) after stopping the statin. Age, type or dose of statin, or other medications used did not correlate with the occurrence of memory loss. Available observational and clinical studies suggest that statins do not have significant effect on brain function.
The available evidence does not show that statins affect brain function. The FDA's goal was to tell the public that there are post-marketing reports of memory loss or confusion associated with statin use. Post-marketing reports are not evidence of cause and effect because there are other possible explanations for the memory loss. Patients should not panic because statins have been used for many years and available data does not show that statins cause memory loss or confusion. Moreover, there are many drugs that are proven to affect brain function but are still used because their benefits are greater than their risk. The benefits of statins on preventing stroke, heart attack, or death far outweigh the very small risk, if any, of reversible effects on cognitive brain function. Patients should report adverse effects, including confusion and persistent change in memory, to their healthcare provider.
Drugs in the statin class:
  • Lipitor (atorvastatin)
  • Crestor (rosuvastatin)
  • Livalo (pitavastatin)
  • Pravachol (pravastatin)
  • Zocor (simvastatin)
  • Lescol (fluvastatin)
  • Mevacor (lovastatin)
  • Altoprev (lovastatin extended-release)
  • Vytorin (simvastatin/ezetimibe)
  • Advicor (lovastatin/niacin extended-release)
  • Simcor (simvastatin/niacin extended-release

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stay Healthy

If you want to live a healthy life you must do the following:

    * Do not start your day without your breakfast.

Everyday i get prepared in a hurry to go to work and at the end i skip my breakfast even after getting to work, this is done day after day that my name becomes breakfast skipper and return home wanting to eat every meal i have missed. This is because I wasn't hungry in the morning but terribly hungry on my return at night. I looked at it saying may be it was just the way some of us were, that it was a natural cycle for some people. But in reality, these are bad habits that your body has become accustomed to doing and that needs to be broken. The meal you piled up at night isn't gonna make you look healthy rather worst than you can imagine. But, I was surprised to learn how easy it is to retrain yourself into breaking those bad eating habits and found that my eating cycles are now better regulated resulting in less food consumed each day and overall improved health.

    * Eat rich and complete meal

Several times i've spent money on my health by seeing a nutritionist on so many occasion to actually put in place wrongs i have made when it comes to food and dieting. Among the simplest, yet most valuable information I picked up (which I'm sure you can learn from other sources) is this: never eat a non rich and incomplete meal. What does this mean? This means that each meal we take should always contain all three basic food groups: carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein, because your body needs all three food elements to absorb properly and most efficiently in your body.

    * Never let your body request for food

It's strange but I also learned that if you can be proactive and anticipate when you'll be hungry, and actually eat something before you do (because you needn't wait for your body to make the request) you'll eat less, and better. If you eat right after you find yourself starving, you'll end up devouring more than you need to. By the same token, if you eat slowly and chew your food well, you'll be able to control your food consumption accurately.

    * Don't stress out

Health professionals keep saying that toxins are all over our environment invading our systems, but some of these things are just not within our control. I'll guarantee you'll be breathing second hand smoke, car fumes and smog every time you go out of the house and enter a city. What about chemical agents in our hair spray, pesticide in our food or toxic materials hiding in old buildings where you work? This things can't be avoided. Well, one thing you can control is how stressed you are. Stress impacts your body in the same way terrible toxins do, so do your best to avoid it.

    * Frequently wash your hands

Avoid getting sick by frequently washing your hands. Unless you don't mind catching or embrassing cold or flu once in a while, or being a little dirty, which is actually good for you. I've seen where i work we deal with books, office mails etc that is we deal with dust and through this we advocates germs and infections as the way to better health in the long run. That's because our body builds up its defenses and immune system by falling ill. As a parent we must ensure we wash our hands often watch over our children to ensure they wash there hand, take both morning and night because i tell i don't like catching annoying colds, plus getting sick often doesn't seem to have improved my health.

    * Visit your doctor for annual tests.

Those annual tests are covered by your health insurance or can be performed through free or low cost programs run around your area. Routine tests can catch problems early on before they develop into real trouble later. Don't let it grow into a big issue that costs a lot to deal with.


Always take a walk around your neighborhood or bike rides. Though they may not be in your home, they still give you the benefits of exercise in your own comfort zone.

So just remember a word is a enough for the wise don't be money wise pounds foolish!